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A Meditation on Faith and Works

I’ve been thinking recently about how different Christians understand ‘faith’.  In particular it has struck me how for most Protestant denominations ‘faith’ is something that you have, a noun and object. You hear phrases along the lines of ‘I’m struggling … Continue reading

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Docility to the Bishop’s Authority and American Politics

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about politics.  The Republican Party is currently in the middle of one of the more difficult primary seasons in recent decades.  The current administration is promoting an insurance regulation that directly impinges on the … Continue reading

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Listening to God: Distinguishing God’s voice from Society’s voice.

* Mark Shea mentioned that he might give my blog a plug today for which I am exceedingly grateful.  If this is the first time you have come to my blog, this post is the 5th of a series of … Continue reading

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I know I said that my first several posts were going to be notes from the Listening to God Bible study, and I really do mean to post those, but it seemed to me that today my post needed to … Continue reading

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On Religion, Truth and Morality

This post originally started as a response to a Facebook comment.  The context is the “Why I Hate Religion but love Jesus” Youtube video as well as a response by blogger Jimmy Akin.  My friend writes:

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