Christmas for a family of 12

Hello friends.
Christmas is coming up fast, and a family a few towns over from ours could use a little help with some Christmas cheer. Kristin is a now single mom of 11 children, trying to put herself through nursing school so she can make a better living to support her family.

I have a Christmas wish list (plus a few extra ideas of my own) for her children (and for her) and would love your help. Any extra funds will be given directly to her and her children.

Thank you for any donations and all of your prayers. I know they welcome them.

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5 Responses to Christmas for a family of 12

  1. Aunny-Aunny says:

    Kaitlin, do you still need some donations? Send me an email if so and let me know what I could do to help.

  2. tz2026 says:

    You have not described the circumstances of her widowhood or why her children are orphans (assuming it is that – no life insurance? Divorced is distinct from single). Sorry to have to ask, but these days, there is no small problem with misplaced charity. With the legal system as it is, trust is broken.

  3. Heather says:

    From the fundraiser she has going to help put her through nursing school:
    “I have been a single mother for almost 7 years. My youngest child is seven. I am homeschooling 6 children while going to school full time plus, along with my two oldest at home.

    My husband abandoned us when I had ten young children at home, 17 down to infant. Over the years, my oldest boys have worked and given all of their income to support their siblings, as my ex does not pay child support. Last week the State informed me that they are not going to pursue my case because since the beginning, he has done everything in his power to elude the system and they don’t feel it’s worth their time to go after him.”

    You can view the mother’s blog here:

    • tz says:

      Thank you. I contributed. Something similar happened to my cousin (4 children at the time) who became successful. I am between jobs or I would have done more.

      I just needed to read and decide. I also know a man where the wife destroyed his family. The system is broken, and the only surprise is he is getting away with it.

  4. Kaitlin F. says:

    Thank you, Heather, I’ll repost her blog onto this post.

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