Chris…. Kringle?

Kaitlin here again, with maybe Dan wrapping up since I need to go grocery shopping.

Do you remember how we talked a little about the pesky, stress filled financial situation we were in, but how we were TRYING, TRYING, TRYING to trust that crafty Lord of ours?

Well, He took care of us, and boy, was it a shocker. I could never have guessed how he would provide, and isn’t that how it always is? Seriously though, I expect to get a call from Hallmark Channel any day now.

We were not eligible for unemployment, which meant we would have absolutely no income from October 14th until Dan’s new job (commission only) triggered (which will happen next week most likely). That’s quite a long time to go with nothing. We leaned on family, and were wonderfully surprised by friends, but it was still stressful, even though we knew (and kept telling ourselves) that we would be okay, that God would continue to provide, and that this new job, while tough now, would be a great career move for our family.

Then, out of the blue, Dan received a voice mail from ‘Chris’ in the unemployment office, saying that he had reviewed his file and thought he could help us out.

Dan here (Kaitlin went grocery shopping).  So since I had only just missed Chris’ call I called the number on my cell phone’s caller ID right back.  Sure enough, it was the unemployment office.  I hit 0 to get to an operator and I then explained my situation and asked if I could speak to Chris.  The operator said, after thinking for a minute, that she didn’t know anybody by the name of Chris in that department (inter-state since Chris had said I would be eligible for the Federal Extension of benefits from my previous claim 2 years ago in MA).  Curiouser and curiouser

Since Chris’ voicemail had said he would try again (instead of leaving me a number to reach him) I decided I would just wait for his call.  When he called back and we finally connected he asked me some fairly general questions about what I had been doing for work since the beginning of 2011 (when my last unemployment claim ended) most of which he already had but was just looking for some confirmation of a few details.  He then said that he was going to send off the paperwork to Massachusetts and that I should hear from someone either via mail or phone in a week or two.

Sure enough, I received the two calls that Chris had predicted – one telling me that I was ineligible for benefits and the second (from the same person ironically) telling me that I was eligible for the Federal extension of benefits through the end of this year.  3 days later, 8 checks arrived in our mailbox containing enough funds to see my family through January and into February by which point my new job should be providing enough income.

So, Hallmark, I wonder, how does Chris spells his name and what his last name might be?  Kris perhaps?  Kringle perhaps?  or perhaps it’s Nicholas?

Anyway, this was a story about how God, yet again, provided for our needs and about how we can trust that He will continue to do so.

My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord,
my spirit rejoices in God my Savior
for he has looked with favor on his lowly servant.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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