I am a convert to the Catholic Church.  I swam the Tiber at the Easter Vigil in 2007 at St. Paul Church of Hamilton-Wenham, MA.  I am eternally grateful to Father B. for taking the time to listen to my questions every Monday night for about six months before I made the decision to come into the Church.  I have been trying to follow Jesus for as long as I can remember and I made an adult decision to do so when I was 14.

At this point in my life I am the husband of one extremely beautiful, talented and patient wife.  I am the father of three beautiful brilliant children ages three (sept 09), two (oct 10) and a few months (july 12).

I’ve started this blog with a few purposes in mind.  The first is to provide a resource for the  teens at St. Patrick Church.  The first several posts will mainly be notes from a Bible Study my wife and I developed over the summer in 2011 on Listening to God.

The second purpose is to give me an outlet wherein I can consider various theological and philosophical questions in a somewhat public forum.  These may be related to current events or topics but most will likely have to do with my own journey into 1500 years of theology that I am only just discovering has more to it than the New Testament, then Augustine, then Aquinas and then Luther.

To that end, there may be an element of apologetics to this blog but primarily in order to increase knowledge and understanding not necessarily to convince or convert (though that may be the result).

I am not the Magesterium or a priest so please don’t take my words and thoughts as authoritative.



And I’m Kaitlin.  I’m here too, but when I actually post is TBD. I’m usually caring for the kiddos, sleeping, or playing on pinterest when i should be doing housework. So you know where my priorities lie. I’m 26. I’ve always wanted to be a mom, but I never thought my husband would be so incredible. 😀

To be fair, my time with the kiddos is spent pretty well- they are mostly well behaved, know their prayers (cutest thing ever- two year old and three year old doing the rosary together mostly on their own) and are learning those precious toddler skills (how to make messes most efficiently, how to beat your brother the quietest, how to eat the most before mom notices) well.

I love my husband, and my boys, and I’m trying to rely on Dan and God (in reverse order, but I usually mess those up).


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