Oh goodness, it’s been a while.
Well, everyone, it’s summer, officially. It’s been a very very busy few months, and though Dan would love love love to sit for a while and write, he honestly doesn’t have the time! It takes all of our effort to keep each other informed on the important issues (G popped in his underwear today….. W has been lifting T when he gets stuck, T is pushing a tooth and took his first steps today) before passing out for the evening.
Let me tell you what he’s been up to.
Since he started working for New York Life, he has been happy. Every night, when he comes home, he’s tired, still has stuff to do, misses his family, and is happy. It’s a huge change from our previous situation. He loves helping his clients. He loves chatting with young families. He loves making a difference.
And I love that we’re getting a regular paycheck. Honestly, it couldn’t be better- he loves what he does and gets paid, on time, every two weeks. Okay, maybe it could be better- we could make more and we could have more time with him. We’re still paycheck to paycheck, but we never have to wonder if it’s going to come. We see him for maybe an hour a day, 6 days a week, but he doesn’t carry any frustration home when he gets back.
But really, we have security. It’s tough, but he’s never going to loose his job, ever- this is his career until he retires, which he’ll actually be able to do someday. We get a paycheck EVERY TWO WEEKS- I still can’t get over that- it’s so new to us- i don’t even care if it’s small, IT COMES, consistently. Crazy.

Me…. I’ve been taking care of the kiddos. It’s been a little lonely, I’ll admit. They miss daddy, and with the constant changing of schedules, it’s been a little rough on them (especially since I’m such a fan of a somewhat consistent schedule). It’s summer, it’s hot now, and that makes the boys (and me) extra grumpy. But we do have a kiddie pool, and friends with pools, and a lake nearby, and a state park with the best little pond and ‘beach’ ever….. so it is what it is.  My baby isn’t a baby anymore, he’s huge, and that makes me a little sad. Lucky for me, one of my besties is having a little boy in August, and another is having a boy in September, so I’ll have some babies to smooch. I also have a great group of friends, who I never see because we’re all busy moms, but just knowing they are there is encouraging. I’m also planning on initiating a moms of young kids group at our church in the fall, hopefully- must address that with Father.  (hi Father, if you’re reading this…. it would be super duper awesome because our church is full of babies but we never meet each other because we’re busy Catholic moms hearding our gillions of babies out the door after mass…… plus there would be food)

We’re about to celebrate my 27th, and T’s 1st birthday next month, and in the fall comes W’s 4th and G’s 3rd. Birthday presents this year are days off with Daddy! Then in January will be our 6 year wedding anniversary. I have a faithful, hard working husband, three healthy, thriving kids, a wonderful church community, and so many family and friends. I am so happy. I am so thankful. I am so blessed.

A shameless plug: if you would like any of the following, please feel free to contact us, and I’ll be sure Dan sets aside time to address it:
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2)need help with financial planning? It’s free, and flexible.
3)need life insurance? security for your family.


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One Response to Summer

  1. Beth M says:

    Loved reading this Kaitlin. Glad you guys are happy. Hope to see you sometime soon. – Love you Honey Bunches,

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