Introductory Post

Hi!  Welcome to my blog.  I’m going to use this blog as an outlet for thoughtful consideration of what it means to live for Christ.  I will be posting my notes from various bible studies as well as reflections on homilies, sermons, events and my own personal reading and study.

The next several .posts will encompass my edited notes from a Listening to God Bible study that I and my wife have been leading over the past few weeks continuing until the end of August.  I hope that anyone who reads my notes will accept them as my thoughts only, even though I hope they were guided by the Holy Spirit living in me.

I have not requested or received any authority from my local parish (St. Patrick Church, East Hampton, CT), diocese (Norwich, CT) or the USCCB (  So please, if you have any questions, concerns or disagreements, check with a priest and accept their authority over my words.

Peace and grace,


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2 Responses to Introductory Post

  1. Ken Finn says:

    Oooo–I like it! Nice masthead photo, too. I’ll be watching. — KRF

  2. Linda says:

    So how do I make sure that this posts on my FB so I can read them?

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